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Polybutylene is a polymer that is usually confused with polybutene, which has a diverse repeat unit. This report research the international Liquid-crystal Polymer market status and forecast, categorizes the international Liquid-crystal Polymer industry size (value & volume) by makers, sort, application, and area. We provide custom synthesis solutions ranging from R&D lab-scale projects to full-scale production for unique compounds and sophisticated proprietary custom components utilized in a selection of sector applications. A Convincing Business Our position as industry leader is based on manufacturing higher top quality goods at competitive costs. Plastics of diverse polymer structures and resin composition are identified by making use of standard codes on the basis of their melting and crushing capacity. The sample preparation and analysis of these solutions may possibly incorporate multiple time-consuming processes impacting the release of higher-valued items. Note: Chemical industries in India themselves consume about 1-third of their production. If calcium phosphate is the principal concern, one particular of a number of cooling water polymers can be utilised to inhibit scale formation when calcium hardness is in excess of 350 ppm, orthophosphate is more than 15 ppm, and at pH levels above 7.5. The most common options are sulfonated styrene maleic acid (SSMA), and modified polyacrylates. Shandong IRO Polymer Chemicals Co., Ltd. In addition, West Virginia is house to a substantial number of nonprofit and federal investigation institutions in materials science and chemical engineering. PFOS and PFOA have chains of eight carbon atoms the group of supplies associated to PFOA and PFOS is known as C8 – this is usually referred to as C8 chemistry”. We had been speaking about Paper Sourcing, Chemicals Suppliers and Seafood Importer, These days paper industry is at the front position of the sustainability movement, creating wonderful alterations to lower releases and wastes. The textile market makes use of vast amounts of water throughout all processing operations. NCC is utilised to produce raw components for various products including ethylene, known as the key building block for several industries. GreenGuard tests for the emitting chemicals coming from a solution that signifies it tests only for evaporating chemical compounds, chemical compounds which are a gas at area temperature. A simple instance is polyethylene (‘polythene’ in British English), whose repeating unit is primarily based on ethylene monomer Many other structures do exist for instance, components such as silicon form familiar components such as silicones, examples becoming Silly Putty and waterproof plumbing sealant. Increasing prominence of nylon substitutes such as polypropylene, bioabsorbable polymers, para-aramid synthetic fibers, and polyvinylidene fluoride is anticipated to hamper development prospects of the market. Each inorganic and organic supplies can be utilised to develop LEDs (light-emitting diodes), such as InGaN (Indium Gallium Nitride) materials or cadmium selenide nanocrystals, where the physical approach entails quantum-wells. The Gold level requires items to contain 95 – one hundred% recycled material Silver requires 70 – 95% and Bronze consists of a minimum of 30%. When getting inexpensive chemical you also require to make certain that the chemical is of very good quality or else it may influence your products and services. Study Beam adds a report titled Worldwide Benzyl Bromide Business 2015 Deep Marketplace Research Report” that supplies detailed information of the Global Benzyl Bromide Marketplace. The U.S. Military, as nicely, is interested in chemical engineers that specialize in polymer engineering, which is the study of the synthesis of diverse chemical compounds, and process engineering, the study of catalyst improvement and fault detection and handle, as they can operate with the military to develop weapons. Meat and dairy goods are consequently a main contributor to this group of human food chain derived toxins, regardless of their containment. Most conducting polymers can be created to transfer electrons to other components such as Buckminsterfullerene(Carbon 60 “C60 Buckyball”) 13. They are in wonderful demand in industries such as petroleum, oil and gas, chemical items, drugs and medicines, aerated drinks, etc. Makers and processors introduce various fillers, reinforcements and additives into the base polymers, expanding product possibilities. BULWARK Chemicals For Construction Components Supplier In Gujarat, Building Materials Supplier In India , Construction Materials Supplier In Ahmedabad, Construction Supplies In Ahmedabad, Building Supplies In Gujarat, Building Supplies In India.

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These merchandise are becoming employed for storage in the type of medicine organizers and packaging of medicines and drugs, on account of better chemical resistance properties. Jobs in Polymer Chemical compounds Inc. The Steel and Chemical Processing Industries are two prime examples. Collation shrink packaging films can now be created using 30% recycled polyethylene and virgin overall performance polyethylene polymers with out compromising overall performance – helping consumers develop sustainable solutions. Good quality control of polymer raw components and completed, formulated, items can be accomplished through a wide variety of chemical tests and methods. Conducting polymers can be utilised for optical effects and underlying physical processes. These supplies have so many varied qualities and applications that their usefulness can only be measured by our imagination. Globally, India is the 7th biggest producer of chemical substances and 3rd largest (by volume) in Asia. That becoming mentioned, right here are the top six industries that require to hire one particular of the ideal chemical firms in India to enhance the productivity of their processes and the quality of their products. However, you need to know, chemical companies in India are accredited to ISO standards to guarantee the production of only the standardized specialized sugar chemical substances. Practically all dyes, specialty chemical compounds and finishing chemicals are applied to textiles in water baths. Chemically, polysulfides are sulfur-containing liquid polymers. What sets Polymer Valley Chemicals apart is an unwavering commitment to the requirements of the buyer. Plastic containers such as milk bottles, soapboxes, and juice and water bottles are recycled on a typical basis. The circumstance is very complex given that some low molecular weight chemical compounds (e.g., amine accelerators) that are present in the commercial polymer admixtures can also influence the reaction of Portland cement with water. Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC) represents the Yellow Pages (YP) brand—and officially markets YP merchandise and services—in the Philippines. A new compilation of peer reviewed articles, representing more than 60 scientists from about the globe, aims to assess the influence of plastics on the atmosphere and human health 1 But synthetics do not decompose: in landfills they release heavy metals, which includes antimony, and other additives into soil and groundwater. IHS Markit’s Chemical Economics Handbook – PET Polymer has been compiled employing principal interviews with essential suppliers and organizations, and major representatives from the business in mixture with IHS Markit’s unparalleled access to upstream and downstream market place intelligence and professional insights into business dynamics, trade, and economics. Repair and restoration activities across the area are attributed to the rising use of polymer concrete material and are expected to drive the development of the polymer concrete market place. The addition of dopants (any type of conductive components) increases the polymer conductivity as they generate an accumulation of positive or negative particles, e.g. self-doped polyaniline 13. Study Beam adds a report titled Global four B Acid Sector 2015 Deep Market place Analysis Report” that offers detailed info of the Worldwide 4 B Acid sector. The conventional raw rubber utilized for vulcanizing stamp dies is quite unacceptable for the production of laser stamp dies, the laser approach needs a extremely even thickness and blemish free surface to make an acceptable printed image from a stamp die. Just in case you missed the recent report which was published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine 1 , a Canadian study discovered that girls who operate with some widespread synthetic supplies could treble their risk of building breast cancer following menopause. Employing up to 37% recycled HDS film with virgin performance PE polymers maintains the efficiency of new sacks, while tracing and tracking technologies assists make sure top quality. Notwithstanding the lack of theoretical expertise, the potential of polymers to offer revolutionary, accessible and low cost components was quickly grasped. Block copolymers in which a hard segment of the polymer has a tendency to crystallize and a soft segment has an amorphous structure are one particular type of thermoplastic elastomers: the difficult segments ensure wide-meshed, physical crosslinking. Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemical substances has not reported lobbying on certain bills.

At the doctoral level, the varied specialization options contain Heat Transfer, Power management, Biochemical Engineering, Separation Processes, Pulp and Paper, Fluid Mechanics, Polymer science, and Reaction Engineering. Cattle concentrate these chemical compounds by bioaccummulation simply because EDC’s from plastics are ubiquitous in water and most animal food sources. In addition, the normal contains environmental processing criteria and strick raw material specification (water treatment and chemical use is based on GOTS and Oeko-Tex one hundred) and social duty is incorporated – which ensures workers wellness and security and upholds workers rights in accordance with International Labor Organisation (ILO) criteria. The Global Antimony marketplace can be divided on the basis of Applications into the following segments: Fire Retarding Agent, Lead Batteries, Alloy-strengthening Agent, Catalyst, Ceramics, and Other people. Polymers can be utilised for several devices combining special optical, electrical, and mechanical properties. Under, the covering of the cable is a block co-polymer of the two alkenes, providing a very hard material with rubber-like properties. Oeko Tex one hundred is product distinct – they do not look at processing (i.e., water therapy, workers rights, emissions, sludge), it only signifies that the finished item (fabric, yarn, clothes, and so on.) has limit values for chemicals which are under the threshold limits on the Oeko Tex list, with numerous especially prohibited. Chemicals and cleaning merchandise are essential in the aircraft washing organization and you need to have to recognize which ones can and can’t be used on which surfaces, for corrosion protection and new high-tech lightweight paints. Standard formulation understanding of important technologies in residence care goods like surfactant, builder, enzymes and polymers is necessary. This involves pretreatment of the cooling tower makeup, maintaining the mineral solids soluble, employing crystal modifiers, and the application of a variety of cooling water polymers. Raw materials and foodstuffs industries. BULWARK Chemicals For Construction Supplies Supplier In Gujarat, Building Components Supplier In India, Building Components Supplier In Ahmedabad , Construction Components In Ahmedabad, Building Supplies In Gujarat, Building Supplies In India. General the chemical properties of a polymer are critical components for designing new polymeric material products. To attain this bold aim, we’re innovating efficient approaches to close power and material cycles, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with polymers. I would strongly advise shoppers to buy beverages and non-solid meals merchandise packaged in glass rather than plastic if provided the option. Exceed XP functionality PE polymers provide step-out mechanical performance and excellent processability for a wide range of applications. Fabrics finished with PFCs have nonstick properties this loved ones of chemical compounds is utilised in nearly all the stain repellant finishes on the market place these days. This tends to enhance the cost-free energy of mixing for polymer options and thereby generating solvation significantly less favorable, and thereby creating the availability of concentrated solutions of polymers far rarer than those of tiny molecules. To manage the Plant Operations, Production, QA, Projects, Streamlining Processes and Enhancing Productivity. Losses from the polymer-chemical operations last year offset profits in fine and pharmaceutical chemical substances for a total division loss of $9 million, an Upjohn spokesman mentioned. It adds new chapters on controlled polymerization and chain conformations although expanding and updating material on subjects such as catalysis and synthesis, viscoelasticity, rubber elasticity, glass transition, crystallization, remedy properties, thermodynamics, and light scattering. The polymer is what protects the steel from external elements causing corrosions like chemicals, water, soil and climate. LOTTE Chemical stabilized the supply of goods by way of vertical integration of raw materials and items, and strives to create new merchandise that meet the users’ demands. Plastic from soft drink and water bottles can be spun into fiber for the production of carpet or produced into new food bottles. Conductive nature, these chemicals are employed in a wide variety of applications, mainly in the electronics market. This unit gives an overview of the principal types of polymers characterised by how they are made, how their structures govern their general properties and how these properties can be refined by their formulation utilizing a range of additives.

They persist and accumulate in our society as their production exceeds their chemical degradation rate. Suitable incineration burns the material and the by-items of the initial burning and also takes care of air and strong emissions to insure public safety. DTU Chemical Engineering’s major activities lie inside the areas of product design and style, approach design and style and production in the chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, meals technological and power technological industries. This is to inform you that Ms. Naz Khan has tendered her resignation as a Director on the Board of Engro Polymer & Chemicals, w.e.f November 7,2016. Their water therapy chemical compounds are known for decreasing and treating any problems that arise in the industrial cooling systems. I think we ought to have an alternative, and I think the government need to have more regulations regarding which chemical compounds can be utilized in market. Some plastics are stretched in processing to hold their shape, such as soft drink bottles. Modest water and dye molecules can enter the fiber very easily, but the large molecules of stain-resistant chemical substances have much more difficulty penetrating the nylon. Effectively, in a nutshell, the production of nylon contains the precursors benzene (a identified human carcinogen) and hydrogen cyanide gas (incredibly poisonous) the manufacturing method releases VOCs, nitrogen oxides and ammonia. Reference: “Making or Submitting the prior confirmation notification kind for polymers associated to Write-up three, paragraph (1), item (vi) of the Act” published on March 25, 2010 by the Minister of Well being, Labour and Welfare, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Minister of the Environment. It is now irresponsible to add more phathalates to the items by putting the milk items in plastic containers that add A lot more EDC’s. For overview analysis, the report introduces four-Fluoro Biphenyl standard details which includes definition, classification, application, sector chain structure, sector overview, policy analysis, and news analysis, etc. Engro Polymer and Chemical substances Restricted was incorporated in Pakistan in 1997 beneath the now repealed Businesses Ordinance, 1984. The manufacture of items from polymers calls for a knowledge and understanding of a broad variety of principles and technologies. These are extremely essential in many applications of polymers for films and membranes. If you’re after simple details on plastic components, this is the place to discover it. Right here you will understand the definition and properties of polymers, yet another name for plastics. For technical data and manufacturing plants analysis, the report analyzes 4-Fluoro Biphenyl leading suppliers on capacity, industrial production date, manufacturing plants distribution, R&D status, technology sources, and raw supplies sources. Consumers can acquire these Polymer Chemicals from us at industrial leading rate. These chemical substances are a item of acrylamide. The second theory is that the polymer interacts with the components of the Portland cement hydration items and forms new complexes. Polymer Valley Chemical compounds maintains corporate offices, sales, and warehousing in Akron, Ohio and owns and operates two production & warehousing facilities in Macon, Georgia. Cross-linked polymers: Wide-meshed cross-linked polymers are elastomers and cannot be molten (in contrast to thermoplastics ) heating cross-linked polymers only leads to decomposition Thermoplastic elastomers , on the other hand, are reversibly “physically crosslinked” and can be molten. Recycled polyester, also referred to as rPET, is now accepted as a sustainable” item in the textile market place. Essential sector participants, which includes Amcor Ltd., Mondi Plc, Apex Packaging, Sealed Air Corporation, Coveris Holdings S.A., and DS Smith Plc, are involved in the manufacture, fabrication, and distribution of plastic packaging merchandise across the globe. For overview analysis, the report introduces Benzyl Bromide standard information such as definition, classification, application, market chain structure, market overview, policy analysis, and news analysis, etc. On the basis of the application, the worldwide polymer concrete marketplace is segmented into asphalt pavement, constructing and maintenance, industrial tanks & containments, prefabricated merchandise for drainage systems, marine works, and other folks. We use multiple test techniques to track efficiency in the course of polymer chemical resistance testing, which includes mechanical strength and physical properties.

The International Plastic Packaging Marketplace segmented on the basis of Variety, Item, Application, and Region. Because China is developing so several new refineries, and considerably of the chemical compounds utilised to make plastics is left more than from the refining method, and some of those chemical compounds are actually waste simply because they have so a lot of it, anyway it seems factors are getting fascinating. Our higher-tech polymers are utilized in nearly every area of modern day life and in a wide range of industries: Automotive, construction, healthcare, cosmetics, power, electronics, sports and leisure. Upjohn Co. said Thursday it will sell its polymer-chemical operations to Dow Chemical Co. for an undisclosed price and concentrate on its overall health-care and agricultural-products organizations. Our international water consumption rose sixfold between 1900 and 1995 – more than double the rate of population development – and it’s nevertheless increasing as farming, business and domestic demand all increase. For international and China market place analysis, the report analyzes four B Acid markets in China and other countries or regions (such as US, Europe, Japan, etc) by presenting investigation on international goods of distinct varieties and applications, developments and trends of market place, technologies, competitive landscape, and leading suppliers’ and countries’ 2009-2014 capacity, production, cost, cost, profit, production value, and gross margin. Fields may possibly incorporate chemical compounds, resins, artificial fibres, plastic, paints, adhesives, coatings and synthetic rubber. Anhui Polymer Chemicals Group is listed in Trade India’s list of verified sellers offering supreme good quality of PLA280 Activated Carbon for Water Therapy etc. 2015-2020 forecast on capacity, production, price, price, profit, production worth, and gross margin for these markets are also incorporated. In the case of chain-end scission, monomers are released and this approach is referred to as unzipping or depolymerize With mechanism dominates will depend on the type of polymer and temperature in common, polymers with no or a single small substituent in the repeat unit will decompose by means of random-chain scission. SUP’s can now be produced making use of recycled material from full PE laminated SUP’s and virgin overall performance PE polymers. Most polymers used in creating plastic extruded tubing these days have low melting points, producing it straightforward to run the machines at moderate temperatures and develop the tubing by extruding through the dies and molds straight from the resin material in the hopper, with out any other preparation other than keeping the appropriate mix of resins in the hopper at the right amounts. Not only do Ziegler-Natta catalysts permit for linear polymers to be developed but they can also give stereochemical control. In conclusion, it is a deep study report on global four-Chloronitrobenzene sector. Kraton develops, manufactures and markets biobased chemical substances and specialty polymers that provide exceptional worth and enhance the lives of folks all more than the globe. This certification does not look at the processing or manufacturing (regardless of whether wastewater is treated, for instance, or renewable energy is used to energy the mill) – it is solely concerned with the final item. As we have currently discussed, familiar examples of globally-sourced items or solutions consist of: labor-intensive manufactured goods made employing low-cost Chinese labor, contact centers staffed with low-cost English speaking workers in the Philippines and India, and IT perform performed by low-expense programmers in Asian counties like India and China. There is a warning label on the bottom of every single chair that reads, this item contains a chemical identified to the state of California to result in cancer.” I am in the approach of returning the set, but I’m getting a challenging time finding alternate outside cushions that would be regarded safe. Chemical substances companies in India manufacture chemicals which are created particularly to bolster the procedure of papermaking. The mixture of these chemical substances passed on to the customers in concentrated type in milk products will most probably exacerbate obesity in humans that consume them as properly. Right here, we express our thanks for the support and help from four-Nitrostyrene market chain related technical specialists and marketing engineers for the duration of analysis team’s survey and interviews. On the basis of the kind of polymer, the international polymer concrete market is segmented into epoxy, polyester, vinyl, acrylate, latex, furan, styrene butadiene rubber, and other individuals.

The classic example is intersex attributes in fish (suppression of testes development in males), with other reproductive effects and anomalies in a single study, egg production of zebrafish, exposed to wastewater effluent contaminated with APEOs, was reduced by up to 89.six% (five) other research located a reduced percentage of fertilized eggs, decreased embroyo survival, and abmormal embroys (6) These final results and other research indicate that the reproductive potential of native fishes may possibly be compromised in wastewater-dominated streams due to the presence of alkylphenyls (7). Chemical testing of polymers and plastics is needed to make sure that a material is appropriate for its intended application. To make the chain, many links or -mers” are chemically hooked or polymerized collectively. When several molecules of a simple compound join with each other, the solution is termed a polymer and the procedure polymerization. Higher temperature resistant polymers are produced from chemical substances employing a numerous procedure, the most common one being the chain reaction polymerization. Furthermore several other chemical reactions of isocyanates are utilised to modify or extend the range of isocyanate primarily based plastic materials. Another answer to the problem is the use of a thermal de-polymerization method, which involves conversion of assorted polymers into petroleum. The Global Recycle Regular (): This brand new regular was created to assist confirm claims regarding recycled products. LOTTE Chemical manufactures high-strength and high-permeability hollow fiber membranes making use of its in-property created technologies and has been expanding the market share with applications in sewage and wastewater facilities. In contrast to Mr. McGuire, I think we can decide on a greater future by avoiding his “one word.” We need to start off by trying to reduce plastics in our meals chain exposures. LOTTE Chemical’s construction and interior supplies, which provide outstanding aesthetics and functionality with no the shortcomings of all-natural stone, are widely applied to numerous interior and exterior spaces that create stunning and comfy living arrangements. Sumika Chemical Analysis Service has a wealth of encounter in handling a wide selection of polymers and has the capability to execute the Polymer Flow Scheme (PFS) Tests to meet Kanshiho (Japanese Chemical Substances Control Law, CSCL) requirements. Scientists and engineers are constantly making much more valuable components by manipulating the molecular structure that affects the final polymer made. For overview evaluation, the report introduces four B Acid standard information like definition, classification, application, sector chain structure, business overview, policy evaluation, and news evaluation, and so on. The skilled graduates can seek profession in the upstream and downstream polymer industries such as the polymerization plants, petrochemical industries (Petronas) plastic industries, rubber industries, latex industries, composite industries, automotive industries, electronic industries, medical industries, pharmaceutical industries, aerospace industries, paint industries, textile industries etc. The Company’s engineered products allow approach and solution innovation and lessen emissions and waste. Rubber processing chemicals impart superior overall performance below extreme climate circumstances to the rubber items. Our products have been produced to sustain their performance in the harshest environments: each one particular with the distinct mixture of properties required for exceptional heat resistance and chemical inertness, strength and toughness, lightweighting and style flexibility, biocompatibility and a lot of more. In mature markets such as North America and Western Europe, stagnating or even declining consumption of PET polymer has been seen over the previous five years, mainly the result of growing polyester item imports from expense-advantaged producers in the Middle East and Asia. For technical data and manufacturing plants evaluation, the report analyzes four-Chloronitrobenzene top suppliers on capacity, industrial production date, manufacturing plants distribution, R&D status, technologies sources, and raw materials sources. Before the year 1991, chemical importers or exporters and polymer suppliers found it almost not possible to conduct organization in the nation, as the Government had imposed some actually higher duty costs and several restrictions on conducting enterprise with foreign based firms.

BULWARK flow G is a concentrated, prepared to use aqueous remedy of organic polymers with higher plasticizing effect. This would be extremely labor intensive and would require a lot of monitoring, all of which adds to the expense of production – and do not neglect, recycled polyester now is fashion’s darling due to the fact it really is so cheap, so those manufacturer’s wouldn’t be expected to improve fees. It protects ferrous and non-ferrous supplies from corrosive chemicals. Some of the important players in the worldwide polymer concrete industry are Sika AG (Switzerland), MAPEI Corporation (Italy), Fosroc Inc. Dumps specified quantity of chemical compounds, such as polymer, salt, and potassium permanganate into chemical feeders. Table 6 Techniques of processing plastics. This is to inform you that Mr. Omar Yaqoob Sheikh has tendered his resignation as a Director on the Board of Engro Polymer & Chemicals, w.e.f October eight,2016. Some of the key players in the global polymer concrete market place are Sika AG (Switzerland), MAPEI Corporation (Italy), Fosroc. Over the last 70 years, synthetic polymers have been invented, usually mimicking nature and they are now manufactured in millions of tonnes a year and are one of the most vital components we use. When a polymer is dispersed or dissolved in a liquid, such as in commercial items like paints and glues, the chemical properties and molecular interactions influence how the remedy flows and can even lead to self-assembly of the polymer into complex structures. Perfluorochemicals (PFC’s) are the only chemical substances capable of repelling water, oil and other liquids that trigger stains. These chains are THERMOPLASTIC polymers and are also referred to as LINEAR polymers. Recycled plastics can be blended with virgin plastic (plastic that has not been processed before) without sacrificing properties in numerous applications. Metallic stearates and amide waxes are typically employed in the extrusion and injection of plastic polymers to handle the viscosity for the duration of the process and give the essential mechanical properties. Cradle to Cradle and GreenGuard can price really a bit, so when you look on the internet web sites to locate which products have these certifications, you see mainly large, nicely established organizations which can afford to absorb the certification fees. Synthetic polymers may consist of each crystalline and amorphous regions the degree of crystallinity may possibly be expressed in terms of a weight fraction or volume fraction of crystalline material. Rigid polyurethane foam is one particular of the most effective sensible thermal insulation materials, used in applications ranging from buildings to the modest domestic refrigerator. I have extended been concerned about the rampant acceptance of recycled polyester as a green decision when no mention has been made of processing chemicals, water therapy or workers rights, so we welcome this new GRS certification, which permits us to be much more conscious of what we’re actually getting when we attempt to do good”. Akzo Nobel, primarily based in the Netherlands, serves consumers all through the globe with healthcare items, coatings and chemicals. That distinction is what ensures that this material is powerful enough to withstand abrasion and influence much better than decrease level poly goods. UAC Advance Polymer & Chemical compounds Co., Ltd. Phthalates are in a position to leach out of these products as they are not bonded to the plastic. At Polymer Solutions Group, we strive to make our customers’ merchandise the ideal they can be. Within the walls of each PSG business we nurture a commitment to client-centric innovation that demands deep understanding of the markets we serve. For international and China market analysis, the report analyzes four-Nitrostyrene markets in China and other nations or regions (such as US, Europe, Japan, etc) by presenting research on global products of diverse varieties and applications, developments and trends of market, technologies, competitive landscape, and top suppliers’ and countries’ 2009-2014 capacity, production, cost, value, profit, production worth, and gross margin. If bubbling is noticed, right away wipe it as this the usual chemical reaction if the material is a plastic. Linking numerous strips of construction paper together to make paper garlands or hooking collectively hundreds of paper clips to form chains, or stringing beads helps visualize polymers. Co-polymers are really helpful as they have the properties of the constituent polymers and hence can be made for specific purposes.