China Aluminum Industry With Green Consumption

In recent years, along with the gradual enhancement of the consumption ability of the new generation after 1980s and 1990s, coupled with the guidance of China policies on the concept of green development, Chinese people’s traditional consumption concept is constantly changing. Meanwhile green environmental protection, sustainability, fashion and aesthetic consumption concept gradually tends to the mainstream. China aluminum industry has the chance to develop itself and also join in this mainstream of green consumption.

Aluminum Feature

Aluminum, is featured by light in weight, recyclable, easy to process and good corrosion resistance, then plays an extremely important role in the China Defense Industry. It is an important strategic material in China. In addition, with the increasing demand and attention of consumers for green consumer goods, the market has to produce many green products to satisfy demand of market and consumption. In meantime, aluminum products are the new generation of green products. In recent years, more and more aluminum alloy products come into Chinese people’s life, such as aluminum alloy furniture, vehicles of aluminum material, aluminum packaging, electronic products made by aluminum, aluminum alloy building materials, etc., so aluminum has become a new way of life consumption.


News in China Aluminum Industry

A few days ago, 2018 High-level Forum on Expanding the Application of Aluminum was held by the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association in Houlingol City, Inner Mongolia, attracted representatives of relevant industries and enterprises from all over the China and the world to participate, once again caused a wave of hot discussion on the application of aluminum industry. At this forum, many industrial experts have conducted in-depth analysis on the current status of aluminum industry and the main areas and directions of future aluminum industry development. During this forum, the reporters records every detail related aluminum industry development through interview spokesman in meeting and hear from relevant reports.

Status of China Aluminum Industry

In recent years, China’s aluminium has made remarkable achievements in expanding its application, involving many fields, and its influence has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The new consumption of aluminium has exceeded 3 million tons. In the future, the development of aluminum industry should focus on the requirement of high quality development, from filling the “quantity gap” transiting to filling the “quality gap”.


The green concept has promoted the development of downstream industries in the aluminum industry. As a high quality and lightweight “green metal”, aluminum has the advantages of low energy consumption and low cost in the whole life cycle. Around the fine attributes of “green aluminum”, downstream industries have spawned many new products and new formats. The application area of aluminum is gradually expanding, and consumption highlights are emerging. In the field of construction, aluminum is applied to construction auxiliary facilities and functional structures; In terms of transportation, aluminum is helping to lighten the weight of automobiles, which is promoting the development of new energy vehicles in China; In terms of municipal facilities and civilian use, aluminum bridges, aluminum flood walls and all-aluminum furniture are gradually promoting the consumption of aluminum for civilian use. Meanwhile, Aluminum industry combining with technology effectively promote its green products’ sale to oversea. Such as sinosources, the largest B2B aluminum trade platform in China, always efforts to build the bridge between local suppliers of aluminum products and oversea buyers around area of “one belt, one road”.

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